JoJo – Leave (Get Out) Official Music Video [2004]

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JoJo Leave Get Out Official Music Video 2004

JoJo – Leave (Get Out) Official Music Video [2004]

If you wanna know where she has been and what is she doing now, then you can just watch this mini documentary of her, I made it in 2020 so it has all the recent updates 🙂

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Single ‘Leave(Get Out)’ from JoJo’s 1st & Self-titled album “JoJo” [2004]

People keep asking about when this song was released?,How old she’s in this vid and now?, What’s her birthdate? So Here: Her birthdate is 20th Dec,1990 and she’s 20+ now. And this song was released in 2004 so she’s around 13 in this vid. AND she’s doing a comeback with her new album ‘Jumping Trains’ whose release date is ONCE AGAIN!, changed to ‘2013’ (yeah, first it was ‘Early 2011 then ‘Oct,2011’, ‘Early 2012”, “Late 2012” and now “2013”) And her new Singles, “Disaster” & “Demonstrate” is already released.
And JoJo revealed that her album will no longer be called Jumping Trains.

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