Next Generation, a disco for Peace by Bantunani (New album Cosmogony)

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Next Generation a disco for Peace by Bantunani New album

Next Generation, a disco for Peace by Bantunani (New album Cosmogony)

Next Generation is one the first Bantunani’s new singles extracted from the forthcoming album ‘ Cosmogony..hottest electro-disco, the last dance for Peace.

Lucid, vibrant, and neat, the first singles from Bantunani’s Cosmogony album(2022) hit the shelves like a shock, heralding a break in the singer’s production. The last pamphlet is from a music lover who, in these uncertain times, still wants to believe in the unifying force of a universal groove where electro-disco atmospheres, realistic swing, and some hip-hop sounds with unstoppable beats and melodies blend together wonderfully.

Lucides, vibrants et très soignés, les premiers singles de l’album Cosmogony de Bantunani tombent dans les bacs comme un choc, annonçant une rupture dans la production du chanteur. Dernier pamphlet d’un mélomane qui, en ces temps incertains, veut encore croire en la force fédératrice d’un groove universel où se mêle à merveille des ambiances électro disco, swing réaliste et quelques sonorités hiphop aux beats et mélodies imparables.

Written, composed, and produced by Michel Nzau
All rights are protected ®©2022 BLACKNINJA PUBLISHING

Credits :
Drums Programming : Michel Nzau, Terence Nzau, Matteo Nzau
Live Drums: Johnny Pululu
Bass : Niwa Bass, Christian Kamba Levi, Matteo Nzau
Guitars: Terence Nzau, Christian Kamba Levi
Keyboard : Matteo Nzau and Terence Nzau
String: Maria Nzau
Lead voices: Michel Nzau
Back voices: Terence Nzau and Maria Nzau
Mix and Mastered by Sefi Carmen in London

Partners; SCPP, Korg, Godin Guitars, DEUCE MUSIC, MR MIG, SACEM

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